Welcome to Discourse

Welcome to our forums! Forums are “old school” and “dead”. I know this, and I don’t care.

I’m doing this because I think they’ll be valuable.

What’s the point of these forums?

#1: To ask questions

Specifically questions about the topics I write about on my website. Got a problem you’re stuck on? Does something not make sense?

Questions about:

  • Software development
  • Software careers
  • C#, Golang, Python
  • Linux Setup
  • Raspberry Pis
  • Cloud stuff

If you have a question about anything of these, post them here.

#2 To answer questions

I’ll give an answer to the question if I have it. Or tell someone where to look. You might have a better one. I won’t be offended if you add your answer, even if it contradicts mine.

Plenty of times visitors to my site know more than me, have corrected me, or give a better explanation of something. I encourage that. When that happens, we all learn.

#3 To meet like-minded people

If you’re talking about these topics with others you have something in common. You might have more things in common. I would like this to be a good place for like-minded people to meet.

What I don’t want here

There are certain things I won’t tolerate here. There is a simple code of conduct.

  • No politics. Ever. This isn’t the place for it.
  • No discrimination. No racism/sexism/etc. No hate speech.

I’ll build out a full CoC soon.

Just be a good human and have fun interacting with other good humans and let’s learn how to build cool shit together. Deal? Sign up today.